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Meet Mobrew – Your Solution For Versatile Brewing

Meet Mobrew – Your Solution For Versatile Brewing

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Meet Mobrew – Your Solution For Versatile Brewing

(Summary description)


The craft beer sector is booming with local breweries popping up around the world and is quickly growing in popularity among beer drinkers. While the craft beer industry has been growing rapidly in the U.S. for quite a few years, China, Australia, Japan and Africa are also seeing significant growth in craft beer.

Because craft breweries are able to brew small-batch beer with a variety of styles and flavors, big beer brands are facing increased pressure to match the flexibility of craft breweries. So how are big breweries dealing with the rise of the craft beer sector?

Facing the competitive situation of vigorous development of craft beer, each large beer group is stressed out. At present, In China, Australia, Japan and many other countries, even Africa, the craft breweries are expanding rapidly. The better question might be how does the large beer group face an intensively competition of craft breweries to blossom.


Craft vs. Macrobrewery Business Models:

The craft beer and commercial beer segments have two entirely different business models characterized by location, variety of beer selection, experimental recipes, batch size, production flexibility and company organization. Many large breweries have acquired up-and-coming craft breweries through high priced acquisitions. However, these acquisitions often fail to bring a reasonable return and do not change the fact that craft breweries are continuously increasing in market share.

Craft beer and commercial industrial beer are two entirely different business models, characterized by localization, multi-variety, rich taste, small scale, flexible production, independent operation, etc.. Many large scale breweries have made various attempts in the field of craft beer, but have not been successful. Some large beer groups even the high-priced acquisition of craft breweries, but it seems unable to bring a reasonable return and benefits, moreover cannot change the situation of craft brewery continuously dominating the market share.


Modularized Craft Brewery:

Mobrew is specially designed for brewing a variety of beer styles in a small-batch setting with a high level of automation, allowing the brewer to focus on the flavors stemming from quality raw materials. Mobrew comes equipped with a complete tap system right from the skid-mounted brewery, giving the customers a unique, up close and personal experience with the brewing process. Mobrew's modularized options also give the brewer complete control of efficient scalability, taking the guess work out of forecasting production targets and allowing you to grow with your brand.

Mobrew is specially designed for brewing multi variety, small batch of fine brewed beer, is the real sense of brewing beer to win the customer trust in favor of craft beer.




Mobrew is not only a high quality craft brewery, but also a bar for customer experience.




Mobrew is very suitable to realize the scale of chain operation, which can get large sales revenue and profits.


Expanding with the Craft Beer Mindset:

The versatility and mobility of Mobrew allows brewers of all sizes to set up craft brewing operations in target cities. The high level of automation allows for independent operation teams to manage pilot locations, giving brewmasters the freedom from organizational structure to focus on brewing at the production site.

The large beer group takes advantage of the abundant capital to purchasing Mobrew in bulk, set up craft breweries with a standard bar function in all target cities, and even such a craft factory built in their own brewery. At the same time, they can establish independent professional team for operation management, which completely separates from large beer companies from the aspects of concept, organization management and business models, etc.. to think by craft beer method for brewing.


Brewing with Ease:

Mobrew is equipped with a fully automatic brewing system which runs off of a touch-screen PLC where your recipes or preset recipes can be stored. Mobrew has an integrated CIP system for the entire process including the brewing and packaging, and includes an on-board keg washer and filler station capable of doing up to 35 kegs. Mobrew's intelligent design and automated controls make it so even novice brewers can become brewmasters.

Mobrew is equipped with advanced technology via storing IPA, Larger and other typical brewing process into the automatic control system, the user only need to choose one variety on auto-interface screen to get high quality brewed beer. Moreover, the mandatory CIP procedures in system can ensure the entire processing from brewing, packaging to sale of beer without infectious microbes. Morbrew can allow even novice brewers to become brew masters.




Scaling Up Operations:

By investing in modularized breweries such as Mobrew, large breweries can scale up production in target locations and increase brewing variety and versatility, all while keeping operations costs down. This business model allows larger breweries to increase profits by tapping into the craft beer market with Mobrew's versatile, flexible and highly efficient brewing capabilities.

A large brewery group can simultaneously invest and manage over hundreds of Mobrew, the scale of sales will be able to achieve tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars because of low cost of chain operation, so the profit is very impressive. This business model can achieve a significant contribution to performance of the large brewery group, which resolves the situation that it is difficult for large brewery group to get obvious benefits from the isolated craft beer business.



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