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Product maintenance

Turnkey service

Lehui is a turnkey service provider that can provide the whole brewery in the world. Through establishing a complete Brewery Sales with partners, Lehui provides customers with the whole industrial chain services from planning, site selection, design, civil engineering, plant, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning to operation.



Regional Service Center

Lehui has set up a regional service center to provide professional services for our customers, including spare parts supply, equipment maintenance, transformation and relocation. In addition, we also provide equipment maintenance and spare parts for some European suppliers.

Maintenance service

What is Le Hui Wei Bao?

Entrusted insurance means that you use the equipment, and the equipment overhaul, maintenance and overhaul are entrusted to Lehui.


Why commission insurance?

Why commission insurance? Professionals do what they are good at
-For breweries and beverage factories
-Lehui has 25 years of experience in equipment design and manufacturing in related industries
-Lehui has provided equipment and products to tens of thousands of relevant enterprises at home and abroad
-Operation data of tens of thousands of Lehui equipment for decades
-Lehui has hundreds of relevant professional scientific research, design and manufacturing technicians
-Lehui has a strong hard-working and professional equipment installation and maintenance team
-Lehui's equipment Lehui people know its use best


There are various ways to entrust insurance


Quantuo -- suitable for remote countries and regions where the local industrial base is lacking, professionals are hard to find, and factory operators are not experienced enough. Contents: maintenance team construction and training; Daily equipment maintenance guidance, ensure the implementation of the operation; Equipment pre-maintenance planning and organization implementation, etc. The term of warranty shall be more than one year.

Bantuo -- suitable for remote countries where there is a certain industrial base and factories are engaged in relevant equipment operation experience. Contents: maintenance team construction and training; Equipment regular diagnostic inspection; Equipment pre-maintenance planning and organization implementation, etc. The term of warranty shall be more than one year.

Special maintenance: suitable for the planned maintenance and overhaul of lehui special equipment. Contents: Make equipment maintenance plan together, and organize special implementation. The term of the warranty is not fixed.

Lehui's Remote Service Boosting Intelligentized Equipment


Solving problems

· Centralized monitoring, to enhance equipment visualization;

· Remote maintenance, reducing after-sales service costs;

· Intelligent operation and maintenance enhance customer satisfaction.


· Supporting industrial agreement to support multi-brand communication;

· Synchronous communication, efficiency real-time, high data security;

· Easy to use, quick to get started.

To bring convenience

· Saving cost for travelling fee engineers and manufacturers engineer costs;

· Reducing loss of on-site production;

· Ensuring the safety onsite by real-time maintenance downtime;

· After-sales service, efficient and easy to run.


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