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New Trends In The Brewing Industry

New Trends In The Brewing Industry

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New Trends In The Brewing Industry

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With recent advances in brewing and packaging technology, today's breweries have become more and more like modern science museums with fully automated brewing systems and massive tank farms custom-fit to the brewing or production space.




Whether a brewer is building a new production facility or upgrading older equipment, today's brewing systems are becoming more advanced, more complex and more intelligent. At Lehui, we recognize the growing demand for fully automated brewing systems and aim to provide our customers with turnkey brewhouse solutions – automated brewing systems complete from end to end.

From raw material handling to brewing and fermenting to packaging and distribution, we recognize the evolving trends in the brewing industry and brewers' need for increased automation, convenience and reliability with their brewing systems. Below are a few evolving industry trends that we recognize at Lehui and accommodate through our design and manufacturing capabilities: 4 Trends In the Brewing Industry




Customers Focus on Investment

Because of the size and technology of today's breweries, many projects have additional costs and supplementary terms as the project advances. Lehui's manufacturing expertise and experience with project commissioning and installation helps us to meet our customers' initial price expectations and reduce unexpected costs.


Scheduling Is More Important Than Ever

Because of the size and magnitude of modern brewery construction and expansion projects, scheduling can be a challenge. Between design, manufacturing and construction, some projects are dragged on for months. At Lehui, we work tirelessly to always meet our customers’ installation deadlines and production schedules, ensuring that their new equipment won't cause delays.




Challenges with Multiple Suppliers

Between brewing, storage and packaging equipment, many breweries have multiple suppliers, which can create challenges when it comes to production timing and compatibility. From raw materials handling to brewing to packaging, Lehui is an industry leader for providing turnkey solutions that cover the entire brewing process. This makes scheduling, budgeting and production significantly easier for our customers.


Expensive Management Costs

With new technologies and equipment, breweries need to be equipped with various professional engineers, a large project management system and an on-site management team. Some breweries may also need to hire third-party engineering or support, which can be expensive. At Lehui, we recognize the technical knowledge needed to manage modern brewhouse, and make it a priority to educate our customers on how to operate and maintain our brewing equipment.


How Lehui Can Help

For today's brewers, turnkey brewing systems complete from beginning to end are more cost-effective and easier to maintain. From raw materials handling all the way to packaging and distribution, Lehui offers turnkey solutions for increased efficiency, reliability and convenience for your new brewing system.

We make it a priority to ensure that we meet all of our customers' timing and budget needs, and we recognize how costly equipment delays can be for breweries. We're there every step of the way for our customers, from planning and design all the way to installation and operation. To help our customers operate their new equipment smoothly and safely, we offer comprehensive on-site installation and support.




If you're considering a brewing equipment supplier for an upcoming construction or expansion project, Lehui's reputation, equipment performance and durability speaks for itself. We have provided equipment to hundreds of breweries in more than 40 countries around the world. Just consider some of our past turnkey projects for breweries such as:

Heineken brewery 53 projects

Budweiser InBev 106 projects

Pearl River brewery 43 projects

Yanjing brewery 63 projects

China Resources Snow Brewery 77 projects

Tsingtao Brewery 82 projects

Bavaria Brewery

San Miguel Brewery

Kylin Brewery

Asahi Brewery




If you're looking for great equipment, great customer service and great value for your next brewery expansion or construction project, work with Lehui. You can be assured your brewery will have a highly knowledgeable and responsible team dedicated to meeting your timeline and production needs.

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